Monday, August 22, 2022

Ceci n'est pas (seulement) une poupée

We at Dolldom are of the opinion that there is nothing but pleasure in being surrounded by dolls. And while many enjoy living, cooking, shaving, dressing up and sleeping in the company of their dolls, others prefer to devote a separate space that functions as a realm of dolly delight.

But when codes are challenged and, as a result, broken, our consciousness evolves and appreciation for expression via the doll form augments. For it is not everyday that the dollector can combine doll and décor in a harmoniously seamless manner. 

Hvala Dolls' Mi is such a code breaker. Although very much a doll, Mi is designed to express a message of universal appeal: humanity (as young as it is) is being studied by an older (more experienced) form of intelligence. Mi is an intergalactic traveler who with every OOAK iteration brings an invitation to ponder such an illuminating and humbling idea. 

In this Dolldom entry, two Mi dolls hang out among a collection of vases. Two are Puerto Rican ceramic vessels designed to evoke the Cemí of Taíno people in the Caribbean. The third is a Jonathan Adler minimalist creature. As if trying to be incognito, the Mi and the vases function as observers that we, in turn, observe, perhaps completing a circle. But is it truly complete when, in the background, we discover eyes watching us watching Mi?   

Visit Mi by Hvala Dolls

Mi and their clothing by Hvala Dolls

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