Sunday, May 24, 2020

Don't Leave Home without Them!

Leave it to LizRetros to come up with new ways of keeping treasured dolls spoiled. For her new line of shoes now expands to fit a range of 1/6 fashion dolls. Perhaps, this long weekend is the time to take inventory and finally get shoes to replace missing ones or to give a beloved classic more glamour! From solid colors to powerful animal prints, the mouth-watering selection (all have red soles - a nod to monsieur Louboutin) is sure to make decisions difficult!

 Anouk by Nav Sikand chooses pink leopard to complement her "Berlin" cocktail look.

A vintage high-color American Girl Barbie opts for classic black for her classic brocade sheath. The Sears exclusive mink coat was reproduced with recycled fur by Sylvia Campbell.

Mamzelle de Paris' Sophine has fun in a sheath by LizRetros and golden leopard heels. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

For more information, visit LizRetros boutique!

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