Saturday, May 16, 2020

A Visit with Anouk

Anouk, la poupée mannequin by Nav Sikand, visits Dolldom once again, this time, to enjoy posing for the camera leisurely, with no other purpose but to have fun modeling her finely crafted fashions.

As confusion and stress seep into our days, redressing and contemplating the beauty of a fashion doll is a sure fire way to find delightful relaxation. And Anouk, in any of her varied looks, brings, along with her soothing presence, a sincere invitation to play.

Island Girl! A first generation Akouk, with restyled ponytail by Sikand, models the classic "Capri".

  Editor in Chief. A third generation ash-blonde Anouk dresses the part in the precisely cut "Cherbourg".

Blue Evening. A second generation Anouk, her hair restyled by Bobby Taylor for Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, models "Berlin".

La poupée mannequin Anouk: Official Website


  1. Hi there, coming from Linda's doll. I love what you do with your models. They look so life-like in your photos. I want to thank you for making me discover La poupée mannequin Anouk. These dolls are gorgeous.

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