Saturday, May 16, 2020


We all need to smile. It's a form of therapy. Try it! Just smile and you will feel better.

Now, if the proposed task seems to be hard to achieve due to current events, then take a look at the following portraits of Michael Ben's Sophine de Paris dolls as they are sure to make you smile. The ambiguity of their bonhomie lends itself to interpretations that, in turn, may lead you to an even more enhanced state of good humor. Why are they smiling? Are you part of their secret? Do they know what you did last summer? The possibilities are endless.

Beautifully realized of quality vinyl and Saran hair fibers, Sophine is a modern take on the vintage Sophie doll by Peynet. Dressed in a Rosina Haskell glittered gown and in vintage Maddie Mod, two Sophine the Paris gals bring cheer to your fashion show. Stay tuned for more on Sophine!

In the meantime, visit Mamzelle de Paris' boutique!


  1. Thank you, Linda! They make the vintage French smile accessible to today's collectors. Thank you for your visit.

  2. Rosina Haskell is a true master of her craft. And that lace set is just delightful! ♡