Sunday, September 9, 2018

Haircut Economics

Haircuts. Appointments. Bad hair days. Fly away stands. Same-old-style boredom. What to do? Wear a wig cap.

JAMIEshow Doll's invention for its eponymous line of ball jointed dolls offers the ease and instant gratification that dollectors seek when at play. So what if a sober suit were to look better with a more traditional side parted cut? No problem. JAMIEshow Doll has it covered as there is a wig cap for professors as well as rock stars and everyone in between.

For this exclusive Dolldom entry, Palm Springs Lee models a slew of the company's wig caps in preparation for our fall fashion spectacular coming soon. We hope that you agree that although Lee is one of the most handsome models in the biz, hair, in this case, does make the man.

Mid-Century Classic. "The Mister" style along with a classic pair of frames by Shadowartifact yields an elegant gent look. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

Boy Band. "Palms Springs Basic's" style is carefree yet groomed.

"The Lee" is a short cropped cut with sufficient length at front to allow for a little hair play.

Papito! "The Waves" style is the equivalent of Farrah Fawcett hair for men. Sexy, windblown style for the leading man.

Más macho. "The Alejandro" style is an on trend look with undercut sides and a longer crown, combed back.

Hipstah! The show closes with a topknot pony with tapered sides that evokes Japanese samurai as well as today's urban dweller style. Hinged sunglasses by Shadowartifact.

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