Friday, August 3, 2018

Let Us Entertain You

That seems to be the calling of many: to entertain the masses. People love to be entertained, amused, removed from the routine of their daily lives. Taken away. To a place where glitter, music, and the art of dance reign supreme.

And who best to incarnate the fascinating world of burlesque but the gals of Julian S. Kalinowski? With their OOAK hand-painted visages and hand-set hairdos, Lilli Lalka, Séverine, and the S-Girls come together to illuminate the stage. They sing solos, they perform comedy routines, but most importantly they know the utmost power of having a gimmick. And the gimmick is no gimmick - it's the magic of LizRetros, the genius behind this showstopping attire.

Sit back and relax as the Gals of Kalinowskiland entertain you.

Torch Song Trilogy....

Séverine is an emotive singer... audiences know she will cry at the end of the sad song.

Sable sings the blues. But she is never in a funk.

Lalka covers "Black Market".  Sneak around the corner...

Space Needle and All Things 1962

Lalka and Asiaverine perform "That Old Eiffel Tower" before revealing what they have in their bags.

Bundles of Dynamite

Sylvain, Sylvain (yes!), and Sable await to go on stage. Kitty Marvelous is their trick cat.

Stella rehearses with her robotic friend while a stagehand finishes the set.

Sable- fresh from her scandalous stint in Berlin - stretches before her dance routine.

For more information on the performers and their schedules, you may contact their agent here.

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