Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A la plage, circa 1946...

The first war-free summer of the decade and the bikini makes its debut. But stylistically far from such a news making event, there were others who enjoyed the sun and the shore in less revealing yet more elegant attire.

From Woman's Sphere July 1940.

Ivy Jordan, actress and director and dear friend of Gene Marshall was one of the latter. In her summer fun set designed by Gerry Broerman, Ivy goes from cabana to cocktails on the terrace effortlessly.


Reminiscent of a Maggy Rouff ensemble featured in Le Théâtre de la Mode, the set is pure beach glamour.

A buttoned bolero jacket with puff sleeves, a bare midriff, and an ample skirt to go over shorts create a look both versatile and complete. The beige espadrilles are by Tyler Wentworth Couture.

Following Vogue magazine's "Beauty Issue" lead, Ivy's make-up is elementally summery. Her jewelry by Joy Jarred adds that golden touch of the sun.


  1. I love this spread. Everything is sooo clean and crisp! Ivy's outfit is un-believable!!!!

  2. Very classy outfit ! Love the espadrilles !

  3. Thank you Byanca and Ysé. The outfit was made from a pattern created by Gerry Broerman. Link is provided in text if interested. Thank you always for visiting.