Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tamed But Still Wild

Tonner Doll Company's recently issued Precarious Tamed model comes out of the wilderness to pose for Dolldom's photographer. This knock-out design is in our editors' opinion a superb example of a total look - fashion, make-up, and hairstyle. Her hand painted face has vivid green eyes and a rich mink colored wig in the timeless bob style. The company proves that the technology exists for creating perfectly to scale wigs in this scale.

The fashion is luscious. Burnout velvet blouson jacket and mini skirt in a multitude of shades or green and blue evoke a lush jungle in the evening. The super chunky necklace reiterates the color scheme. To complete the tropical forest fantasy, a shiny, scale-like midnight blue material used for the gloves evokes the thriving fauna found in tropical jungles.

Precarious Tamed is also a perfect doll for redressing. She will look grand in Antoinette's fashions as well as in Cami and Jon's styles. And do not be surprised if she makes an appearance in Dreary Manor visiting the Dreary Twins.

A quality offering from Tonner Doll Company, Precarious Tamed is limited to three hundred models.

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