Monday, June 24, 2013

Savoring Summertime

It's summer! And summertime, with its warm long days, invites us all to indulge the senses. And what better way to do so than with a scoop of ice cream, gelatto, or frozen yogurt?

Dolldom darlings and San Francisco citizens Ellowyne, Prudence, Amber, and Lisette by Wilde Imagination visited our studios recently to pose for an ice-cream inspired photo session wearing new fashions that due to their beautiful colors and fabrics, make our mouths water - in both the literal and metaphorical ways - as Dolldom's editors' synesthesia  (a psychological disorder in which stimulus in one sense, for example, olfactory, triggers a visual experience) induces them to taste hues as well as textures.

Our first flavor is Satin Sheen Prudence (Limited Edition of 500) who with her pale blonde hair, green eyes, and satin brocade dress over a pink slip makes us think of Bi-Rite Creamery's combination of basil, ginger and golden caramel ice creams.

Non-glossy but fun - I guess you could say
Is the way I come off to my friends every day;
I'm the one in the background - providing laughter and fun
A SATIN SHEEN of a friend - and it works for everyone!

Our second flavor is Satin Shimmer Amber (Limited Edition of 1,000) who with her red hair, blue eyes, and light green satin brocade dress with lace sleeves, matching netting slip, and lace stockings reminds us of La Copa Loca Gelato's refreshing two-scoop combo of green tea and thyme gelati.  

Non-glossy but fun - I guess you could say
Is definitely not the way to come off to my friends every day;
I'm the one out in front - declaring my leadership style
A SATIN SHIMMER of a friend - please - not by a mile!

Our third flavor is Lisette wearing the outfit Just Peachy (Limited Edition of 1,000). The sleeveless dress with flirty skirt hem and multicolored jacket with a lace trimmed collar and jeweled buttons make us taste Mitchell's Ice Cream's cantaloupe and peach ice creams - only available in the summer.

A day of therapy - well it makes me wonder
When a breakthrough may come - and I steal my own thunder;
Dr. B says 'don't worry - your day will come'
So I dress in JUST PEACHY - and stop feeling so glum!

We close this fashion and epicurean fantasy with Soft Sigh Ellowyne (Limited Edition of 1,000) who in her rhubarb velvet lace overlay dress, beaded necklace and hat makes us taste MoYo's Froyo's taste-bud-exploding mix of lychee, strawberry and pomegranate frozen yogurts.


A flower, a kiss, a SOFT SIGH on a breeze
Some favorite things that I try to appease;
Dr. Bantam suggested that I think happy thoughts...
From ennui to a smile - like connecting the dots.

For more Ellowyne Wilde visit her home at Wilde Imagination.


  1. Yes, Lisette is a beautiful sculpt. Thank you for your visit Dark-Beauty.