Sunday, March 6, 2016

Inimitable Ivy

Mel Odom's Gene Marshall inhabits a richly detailed world. Miss Marshall revolutionized the fashion doll market in the mid 1990s with her larger size, abundantly accessorized fashions created with immense attention to detail, furniture, jewelry, and hat sets, even a gazebo. But in all truth, Miss Marshall's world is unmatched by the diverse number of friends and associates that share her adventures. One of these OOAK personalities is Ivy Jordan. Miss Jordan first came into the scene in Mr. Odom's beautiful Gene Marshall, Girl Star published by Hyperion Press. In this entertaining tome filled with illustrations by Mr. Odom and jaw-dropping photos by Steven Mays, a captivating illustration by Mr. Odom appeared - Ivy Jordan. Since then, collectors and fans of the Monolithic Studios gang had been clamoring for her realization in doll form.

 Mr. Odom's protrait of Ivy Jordan

And while Gene was being produced by Integrity Toys, the dream became reality. From her introduction:

"Meet Ivy Jordan, Gene Marshall’s wise-cracking best friend, always one with a punch-line or witty observation. A child of Hollywood with both of her parents in ‘the biz’. Ivy, or “Vee” as Gene nicknamed her, is Gene’s truest friend and closest ally in Hollywood. A character actress with an eye towards directing someday, Ivy Jordan is a girl to watch."

At the beginning of 2016, Miss Jordan made her reappearance after a brief hiatus this time in her JAMIEshow ball-jointed, smooth resin form. Needless to say, "Heart of Hollywood"  Ivy Jordan was an instant sell-out.

Dolldom ponders on the characters attributes that pull so adeptly at our collective heartstrings. Is it her more angular features? Her prominent nose? Her bedroom eyes? Or the fact that she is such a perfect recreation of Mr. Odom's artwork? What gives, really? Ivy Jordan is Ivy Jordan and she stands tall in this exclusive Dolldom feature.

Smart Girl Ivy wears"Smart Set" designed by Doug James and produced by Ashton-Drake.

I Love Ivy!

In her Bogue's Vogues period perfect shirtdress with full skirt, Miss Jordan is the perfect comedienne. Wig by Time of Doll.

Miss Jordan is also a dramatic actress. Wig by Time of Doll.

It's Witchcraft! In a dress by Diane Charles using a pattern created by Randall Craig, Ivy is spellbinding.

Ivy plays a modern day witch who marries a mere mortal. Audiences love it. Wig by Time of Doll.

Chez elle...

When in the mood for music, Trent heads to Ivy's Pacific Palisades retreat. Restyled wig cap by Kathy Johnson.

Miss Jordan is a director too. For a meeting with producers, Miss Vee (as she is called by her friend Gene Marshall) wears "V for Tea's"sober salt and pepper tweed! Wig cap by JAMIEshow.

Hat by Michael Basala.

When in Mallorca...

Ivy enjoys the classic Spanish beach resort in a recreation of a Théatre de la Mode design by Gerry Broerman.

Premiere! Flashbulbs galore!

Miss Jordan is unadulterated glamour in the Integrity-produced "Fringe Festival"


  1. Wow. Stunning photography! What a gorgeous doll. You capture her loveliness so well in theses photos. She is a work of art. :)

  2. Ernesto, who created the Barbie outfit Mood for Music? Love it . Photos,as always, are fantastic