Friday, March 13, 2015


noun co·det·ta \kōˈdetə, -etə\
1: a short coda
2: a musical passage connecting the parts of a movement or the entries in a fugue

Dolldom extends the pleasures of playing with Mel Odom's characters as manufactured by JAMIEShow with a short entry evoking the look of a thriller. Although not in black and white, the film wants to be noir and as such, contains all the elements of a good crime flick: shadows (lots of these), a detective  with guns (in this case, they are under Trent Osborn's jacket), and of course, a femme fatale ( played by Oona).

The wardrobe is important too to convey who these characters are. Mr. Osborn's pinstripe suit by JAMIEShow says it all. No fedora needed with this light wool three pirce wonder, tailored exclusively for Mr. Osborn. Oona needs little help expressing beauty, seduction, and impossible attainability, yet, Dolldom goes all out selecting a figure-hugging sparkling strapless gown by Liz Cole for Retros and jewelry by Joy Jarred.

 The story? It's a DIY project! Use the exclusive portfolio to guide your thoughts!

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  1. pasują do filmu o gangsterach ale i do rodziny Addamsów - choć bardziej mą uwagę przykuło ciemne a giętkie krzesło :)