Saturday, March 14, 2015

I Am Séverine

Many have inquired about the mysterious appearance of Julian Kalinowski's (of Lilli Lalka fame along with Liz Lee) new doll, Séverine. Dolldom has been much honored to work with one of the early prototypes of this new and exciting character.

Mr. Kalinowski's new creation will be featured in the upcoming issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly with lush vignettes by Dolldom's photographers and fabulous couture by Liz Cole, Sylvia Campbell, Rosina Haskell, and Marirose. And of course, the whole story behind her creation!

And to whet the appetite of collectors the world over, our editors have decided to share an exclusive portfolio of photos.

To keep up with Séverine, make sure to join her website - Je suis Séverine - and enjoy learning everything about her: her back story, her idols, her looks, her fantasies.

Is the doll world ready for Séverine? Absolutely!

Black cocktail dress by Marirose
Black suit by Juliette Wharton


  1. Jej buty przywiodły mi na myśl spieniony szampan - Ona zaś - styl tak charakterystyczny dla Katerine Denevue

    1. Perfect image! Bubbly champagne! And yes, Julian Kalinowski is very much inspired by Miss Deneuve! Thank you, Inka, for your visit! A pleasure conversing with you.

  2. How does one actually buy one of these beautiful dolls? I looked at the Severine site and I can't find any info.