Thursday, March 26, 2015

Small World

Some like it small. 

It's a fact that ever since the Barbie doll's début, the standard for all fashion dolls was the 12-inch scale. Then came Mel Odom's Gene Marshall and the game changed. Yet, there are collectors who focus on the reduced size for many reasons - one them being space. Space limitations or not, it is always enthralling to enter a miniaturized world and JAMIEshow Dolls goes there with its new Demi Couture collection of twelve-inch dolls. Manufactured using the same fine resin as JAMIEshow 16" BJD fashion dolls, each Demi Basic is cast, sanded, blushed, assembled and painted by hand and also boasts seventeen points of articulation. As they are a similar in size to both Fashion Royalty and Barbie, the Demi Couture gals enjoy a wealth of fashion options.

For this Dolldom feature, Eshe, Ginny, and Grace - the three Demi Couture Basic beauties invite you to go around the world of fashion with them.

First stop: Holland! 

Flowers everywhere! 

Demi Couture Grace models a saturated fuchsia silk cocktail dress by James Bogue for Bogue's Vogues.

Grace wears Eshe's ash blonde wig cap restyled into soft waves. The beautiful translucence of her resin capativates our eyes.

Next stop: India!

Festivals everywhere!

Demi Couture Ginny celebrates Karthigai in Poppy Parker's saffron silk sari.

Ginny wears a raven "Hannah" wig cap, also available from JAMIEshow. Ginny is an exuberant beauty.

Next stop: Paris!
Innovation everywhere!

Demi Couture Eshe models "The Bar" suit, designed by Robert Best for the Barbie doll.

Her blonde chignon wig cap is the perfect style for hats and shows off Eshe's mesmerizing eyes. 

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