Thursday, July 10, 2014

Natural Man

Summertime... and the living is easy. Longer days and shorter eves, mostly warm, sometimes surprisingly cool, lead fashionable gentlemen outdoors to seek contact with the elements. Since in fashion as in nature, it's only the fittest who survive, these styles transform and adapt to meet the demands of any urban jungle.

Dynamite Girl's "All American" Auden is Dolldom's resident botanist. He heads out to classify ferns in a light wool vest and cuffed shorts and an off-white cotton short shirt.

For evening, Auden may button up, add a bow-tie and join his colleagues for shots of single malt whiskey at the local pub.

Summer is not the time to grow a beard.

A good haircut is de rigueur. No time to waste fixing one's locks. 

The cordovan leather boots add a retro touch to the Auden's style and anticipate the look for fall footwear trends. 

Darius Reid is Dolldom's resident ornithologist. As such he gets up at dawn and heads into the forest while the sun is waking up. To ward off the early morning chill, he wears his "High and Mighty" faux skin coat with satin lapels.

 Once the sun begins to warm the land, Darius will study the flight patterns of hawks in well-fitted jeans and a cotton shirt with attached cravatte.

A shaven head benefits from protection from the sun. A cap is a good idea even amidst the branches of centenary redwoods.

As day turns to eve, Darius will meet a bird of beautiful plumage for dinner. Style and function is provided by these elegant two-tone lace-up shoes.