Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pin-Up Girl Style

Bambola by Korean artist Jung-Hee Park is one curvaceous lady for whom to look out!
I met Bambola and Hee on Flickr during one of my late night excursions into amazing worlds of photographic innovation. In Hee’s richly styled tableaux, I witnesses Bambola doing things I had never seen a doll do – from hanging out with Salvador Dalí and sporting his moustache to floating in mid air, enveloped in black tulle, contemplating her own face of the floor.

Poster by Jung-Hee Park
Bambola captivated me with her sparkling inset eyes that invited me to enter her daring new world, a realm where the surreal and the familiar had combined in perfect harmony. It takes a lot to seduce this jaded fashion dollector, but Hee’s approach to doll art did it. For in Bambola I found a revolutionary character, coded as a doll, that challenged me to join her in a mission to subvert a system that for too long has been holding on to fixed ideas of what a fashion doll should look like.

Do not get me wrong, I love the Barbie doll’s svelteness, in both its elegant vintage as wells as its ultra hip Model Muse form. But, let’s be sincere - we have all longed for the day when a doll would come along to defy that supposedly golden standard of female beauty, and to do it with such grace, originality, and sex-appeal that we would not have to choose one over the other. And Hee’s super luscious Bambola does not only that but she also brings the BJD vernacular to the fun of fashion doll play where dressing and redressing is fun therapy for most.

Haute Doll currently has an exclusive Bambola, titled La Dolce Bambola.

Haute Doll’s exclusive La Dolce Bambola gift set is a collector’s dream. Housed in a ultra luxe deep red box lined in rich shade of boudoir fuchsia silk, La Dolce Bambola is pure pin-up girl fashion fun. This ultra deluxe set boasts a 29cm, French resin Bambola with clear blue eyes and applied lashes wearing her striped retro body suit, black fishnet hose with garters, and the most amazing pair of red suede shoes ever to cover cute tiny feet. Two separate outfits invite you to take Bambola out and play. Off to the county fair in her cute denim shorts, flirty red and white gingham sleeveless blouse, and perfectly fitting hinged sunglasses.

Cocktails, you say? No problem, Bambola will be there in her slinky pink satin dress and dainty handmade heels. Inside her cream leatherette purse you can store Bambola’s tiny metal mirror. Two coal black resin wigs, one with poodle curls, the other with Betty Page-like bangs allow Bambola to go from the pool to the theater with zero fuss and not one fly-away strand of hair to complicate her glamorous photo shoots. Not to say that Bambola will not enjoy wearing other wigs, her perfectly shaped head loves size 6 wigs.

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