Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Makes A Family?

Ondine, the little girl doll from Sweden, had traveled efficiently in her wooden box along with two dresses and two wigs. Her arrival was celebrated as she came to fill a part of the big void in an old boy's heart. Finally, the old boy could have an elegant little porcelain doll with eyes of gold. She was compact and would travel with him like many of her ancestors had done almost two centuries ago with real children. But after a while, Ondine started to feel lonely. Amidst all the fashion mavens, she longed to have another doll friend, someone who would like to dress up but also have a penchant for getting lost in fake forest sets or find adventures in the pre-war apartment when the old boy was at work. One night, she let him know of her wish and her wish was granted. Soon, Ondine would have an adoptive brother. His name was Eliseo and he was traveling from Córdova, Argentina. One day, after sweeping her house, Ondine sat outside to await the arrival of the newly adopted doll. But nighttime came with its chilly stars and Ondine had to retire. Days passed and Eliseo did not arrive. Weeks passed and Eliseo still did not arrive. Eliseo had been detained, he was in New York stuck in a horrific place called Customs and no one seemed to be able to get him out of there. Ondine, with her super mental powers and gifts for telekinesis, worked her magic and eight hours later news arrived that Eliseo was free and in transit. But horror of horrors, Eliseo ended up being delivered to a musty and dark bazaar hidden in an alley. The old boy went in and found Eliseo in his traveling box. Once at the apartment, all hands were on task, welcoming Eliseo to the city of foggy air. In his elegant chocolate velveteen suit and knit sweater, Eliseo was pure 19th century formality. After writing ten lines for the ballad of his voyage, Eliseo went to look for the little girl whose address he had seen written under his eyelids during a long siesta in New York Customs. But when he got there... There was no one! Suddenly, Eliseo felt homesick! Et pour comble de malheurs, Eliseo feared that Ondine was gone. Tired of waiting for him, he thought, the blond girl had left. Tears started to make an appearance in Eliseo's eyes. "Hello there!" - a little voice called out. It was Ondine who all the while had been inside the house talking to her pet bird."Come in! It's time for coffee." - Ondine said. Inside the little house, the imaginary coffee smelled strong and reminded Eliseo of his home country. He offered Ondine a gift: a delectable plaster pineapple that they both could devour with their eyes for many years to come. Soon thereafter, Eliseo and Ondine had their first photo as a family taken. The old boy proudly displays it at the entrance of his home. For home is where your childhood dreams come true.


  1. what a lovely story and beautiful and romantic pictures.. love your work Ernesto. Now, can little Eliseo come live DownUnder with moi?


  2. I agree, it is a most beautiful story. And a lovely sentiment to end it!

  3. Beautiful photos and lovely story. Most enjoyable.