Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Future of Dolls - All Dolls - Is Handmade

As it had been previously announced here in Dolldom, the way of the future is not the mechanical. Instead of marveling at the wonders of the factory product, the 21st century dollector praises and treasures the work of the artist. Handmade, hand painted, hand assembled - watch for these terms to become increasingly visible not only in print magazines but also in auction sites. What Etsy nurtures, the machine shall not take away. Two examples of the many that abound in the aforementioned cradle of the handcrafted are Katarina Carlsson and Paola Zakimi. And their ideas seems to be as endless as their magical creatures are devastatingly beautiful. Katarina makes Myling dolls and Paola gives light to the many different characters that populate her fertile mind. Ondine is a six-inch porcelain doll that revives, modernizes, and in our opinion, redefines the classic mignonette concept. Eliseo, a four-inch old-fashioned gentleman who spends his days writing poetry and poetic prose, would make Geppetto cry with joy. Dolldom salutes both of these inspiring doll artists.
Paola Zakimi

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