Friday, February 26, 2010

Doll Gods

Dolldom pays tribute to Eliane Bonabel and Jean Saint-Martin, designer and maker of those mythical creatures that inhabit, always exquisitely dressed in post-war French Haute Couture, the equally legendary Théâtre de la Mode.

As much as we take delight in the dream fashions, jewelry, shoes, and millinery, we confess being more amazed at the unique character of this consummate model. Made with ingenious wire bodies and clay heads, these ladies humanized the elaborate displays of surreal beauty.

Made to capture the physical and well as the emotional essence of the woman of the times, the face leaves us breathless and longing to see the day when an artist will create - once again - a doll whose face will speak volumes without a drop of paint. Dolldom salutes that magnificently silent face, that remarkably strong face that to this day lives a love affair with the lights and shadows of the displays of The Théâtre de la Mode at The Marryhill Museum of Art.

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