Friday, April 8, 2022

Fanfan Fun

When Nav Sikand conceived Anouk, he always had it in his mind, that if she proved to be popular, he would give her friend. And 6 years after her début, Sikand regales collectors with a captivating new character for his Poupée Anouk line: Fanfan! Sikand explains: “My dear friend Éric Chatillon baptized her using the diminutive of Françoise, a name as spirited and playful as her personality.”

Fanfan is a perfect foil for Anouk. Friends since childhood, Fanfan is bolder, more mischievous, and above all exuberant. Sikand feels that being a secondary character, he can be more experimental and daring. “While they both embody French style and flair, Fanfan is the more outgoing and colourful libertine, while Anouk is more of a reserved and wholesome ingenue.” - he adds.

Fanfan is influenced by dolls and actresses that, to Sikand, challenge conventional ideas of beauty but that he finds strikingly attractive. “The primary influence is the Mexican Barbara Parlante doll from Lilli Ledy. She is one of my favourite dolls and I love her close-set eyes and pouty expression. I also wanted to channel the look of actress Karen Black. As a result, Fanfan is an extremely versatile sculpt. She comes with two hairstyles in Titian, Brunette, Blonde, and both as a White and Black doll.” – he elaborates.

In Dolldom's opinion, Fanfan is to Anouk what Robert Tonner's Sydney Chase is to Tyler Wentworth. Fanfan's groovy sass fosters even more appreciation for Anouk’s elegant subtlety. Anouk and Fanfan make a winning combination!

8 timeless fashion doll essentials accompany Fanfan’s début: 4 swimsuits designed by Andrei Teican of Andymy Designs, a day dress, a tennis dress, a cocktail ensemble and baby doll nightie. With such a wardrobe of fun essentials, the focus is all on Fanfan. Sikand adds: “This time I designed each outfit to correspond with a particular version of Fanfan. Therefore, Fanfan is offered as a dressed doll as envisaged by me. An outfit for every occasion! Also, in this way, Fanfan’s introduction echoes Anouk’s Séries 1 launch collection. While I have created Fanfan with a specific personality in mind, like all good dolls, she is a blank canvas. Make her whatever you want her to be!"

Illustration by Di Alves

Photo by Criscrash

Illustration by Di Alves

Dolldom is honored to accept Sikand’s invitation and joyfully presents Fanfan’s Fashion Fantasy with styles by superstars Rosina Haskell, LizRetros, Lotus Dolls Designs, and Marirose.

Swimsuits designed by Andrei Teican of Andymy Designs

Qi Pao by Rosina Haskell

Coat and scarf from Anouk's Séries 4

Nautical dress by Rosina Haskell

Black separates from Anouk's Série 4. Beret by LizRetros. Belt by Exsyntrik.

Vintage inspired dress by Marirose. Sunglasses by LizRetros. 

Red and navy stripes by Rosina Haskell. Beret by LizRetros. 

Knit sweater, cotton slacks, and 3-D printed sunglasses by LizRetros. 

Go-Go dress by Lotus Dolls Designs

Vintage Francie "Note the Coat" comes alive with a glittered cap by Maryann Roy. 

Titian ponytail Fanfan in her cocktail ensemble. 

Pink satin and silver mesh dress by Rosina Haskell. 

Blue satin and white lace dress by Rosina Haskell. Beehive hat by Maryann Roy. 

Black glitter eyelash gown by Rosina Haskell

Tiara by Exsyntrik

Mod gown by Rosina Haskell


  1. Gorgeous doll ❤️I totally see the vintage Barbara from Mexico vibes and see is a stunner 💋Congrats Nav 😍

  2. Fantastic pictures, Ernesto! You dressed them beautifully. Thanks for including my illustrations. She's such a beautiful girl. Nav outdone himself again!