Sunday, March 27, 2022

Oh, It Looks Like Daniel

 JAMIEshow Doll and The Muses line have introduced a character coded-as-male called Daniel. And he is a star. Based on  the 16-inch iconic Lee, also by JAMIEshow Doll, Dangerous Love Daniel is -to cut to the chase- a hunk. The handsome face (in Dolldom's opinion, Daniel / Lee is the most handsome representation of an Asian male countenance with a serene gaze, strong nose, and pulpous lips) has translated beautifully to 1/6 scale and adjustments to the body sculpt, such as more defined pectoral muscles, convey an undeniably strong physicality. Detailed hands and feet (both with separate digits) allow for the wearing of rings and sandals. 

The Muses line, designed by OwenSu, offers an inspired selection of couture to make the Muses realize their fashion model destinies. Still Dolldom invited Dangerous Love Daniel to play and style a series of looks with elements taken from Integrity Toy's Fashion Royalty Hommes, The Monarchs, and NuFace lines. Daniel was glad that the fit was excellent every time and no alterations were required. This said, the JAMIEshow Doll Muses' foot sculpt is a tad bigger making shoe fitting minimally more laborious but still possible. 

Dolldom looks forward to the future of this line for it's exciting to find 1/6 dolls coded-as-male as beautifully rendered (in velvety, matte resin and with hand painted face-ups and body blushing) as Daniel. At its 450.00 dollar price point, Daniel is a high-end acquisition that is worth every cent. 

Wish list? Absolutely. Dolldom gives kudos to JAMIEshow Doll and OwenSu for their commitment to diversity and is hopeful that in the very near future a coded-as-male Black doll character will join the ranks of The Muses. Additionally, a selection of boots and thong sandals, along with separates to mix-and-match would enhance the play possibilities of these remarkable creations. 

For more information and to stay in the know, make sure that you visit JAMIEshow Doll

16-inch JAMIEshow Lee - the original icon

The ubiquitous underwear shot avoids being a trope when Daniel is doing the modeling. Hooded coat by Integrity Toys. 

Relax, don't do it!

Daniel matched tuxedo pants with suspenders, a fitted pleather shirt, and black and white shoes, for this sexy evening look. All garments by Integrity Toys. 

Harajuku Hero

Daniel loves the comfort of these hakama pants. His selection of a black pleather motorcycle jacket makes it a perfect look for enjoying the city. Aviator sunglasses by Dragons in Dreams. 

Heartthrob Hotness
Who could ever resist Daniel in a brown turtleneck, red wine velvet slacks and a cool pleather jacket by Integrity Toys? Boots by Dragons in Dreams.  

All eyes are on Daniel.


  1. He is beautiful! I can't wait for him to arrive here.

    1. Hope you are enjoying Daniel!

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