Saturday, April 23, 2022

Dans la forêt lointaine

There are times when one is awed by the magnitude of a creative process, one whose production reveals its source: the marvelously powerful vision of a child allowed to roam freely. For, as children at play, we know no limits, and we conceive and achieve without the worries of anything but the completion of our dream. And such is the case of Chuchu, the embodiment of Canadian artist Jeanphilippe Primeau's unique vision and boundless talent.

For Chuchu is not just another amazing creation by an independent doll artist. 12-inch Chuchu is a feeling, a sensation, she's a trip back in time, she's a state of mind. Completely produced by Primeau by hand, Chuchu is sculpted, cast, painted, wigged and coiffed, and then dressed in original handmade designs by the young Canadian visionary who, in an undeniable stroke of genius, is capable of channeling and delivering the joyful kick of the late 60s' and early 70s' fashion ethos. 

Primeau explains: "In my head, Chuchu is a mix between all the dolls I love. She is set in the 60s and 70s for I wanted her to look like she was from that time, Mod, groovy, psychedelic, vintage. I think Chuchu is a bit like myself in the sense that she may be perceived as a bit odd but yet familiar. I think of Chuchu as an ingenue even though her body is very close to the vintage Barbie doll's proportions. As my original idea mixed Blythe and Barbie, I feel that Chuchu conveys some of the vulnerability of Blythe."

Primeau hopes that dollectors will appreciate the charming subtleties inherent to the handmade process. From beautiful box (the interior of which is illustrated with a vanity and a mirror for Chuchu) to playful hairpieces to tiny sunglasses, the Chuchu experience is bound to give profound pleasure and insight into the ongoing pursuit of the handmade creation. 

In this exclusive, Dolldom is honored to feature a special collection of Chuchu dolls, titled "La tête dans les nuages". Inspired by the art of Yves Klein, each model comes with a coat or cape and dress and an ingenious set of accessories containing wool wigs and complementary hairpieces, handmade jewelry, gloves, and sunglasses giving each Chuchu doll two distinctive looks. 

 Dans la forêt lointaine

on entend belle Chuchu...

Dolldom thanks Jeanphilippe Primeau for his collaborative engagement during the production of this entry.