Thursday, August 5, 2021

An Exclusive Boutique

Joey Versaw's Miss Mary has been busy creating a wealth of fun and fabulous fashions, wigs, and accessories.

Fabulous graphic design by the one and only Branimagination

"Miss Mary is a sculptural doll but she is at the same time all about the joy of fashion play - exclaims Versaw - so it was only fitting that Miss Mary stock her boutique with a seductive new collection to keep her fans playing! Miss Mary even has pets!"

In this Dolldom exclusive, Miss Mary presents her Autumn 2021 Collection!

Corset “Fetiche fantaisie”

A pet snake, you say? Yes, his name is Constantine. He's also jewelry.

"Drôle fille" is vivacious lingerie in black and white.

"Dompteuse de tigres" is animal loving orange faux fur and pink silk.

“ En chair et en os “ is a mouth-watering set; it's impossible not to think of chocolate and mint.

Miss Mary's feline companion is Mandrake. He's all purrs.

"Mes belles fesses" is a fuchsia fantasy.

“Salope aux cheveux “ is Miss Mary's new wig stand. It comes with two different face plates, hand painted by Versaw. The ponytail wig is “La queue de cheval “

"Victory Rolls"

“Courses de chevaux"

To do some serious indulging, make sure that you visit Miss Mary's Boutique.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Versaw's talent and vision always yields doll beauty.

  2. You and Joey always make beautiful collaborations! You take amazing photos and Joey's dolls are always both beautiful and fun!

  3. Awesome Photo as usual. Joey has done outstanding work yet again.

  4. Beautiful. Especially how you've captured the mystery and seductiveness of "Fetiche Fantaisie".