Friday, August 27, 2021

Fresh Princes

Created by Dr. Lisa Williams with the intention of allowing children to see authentic representations of themselves, The Fresh Squad features strong and smart male fashion dolls who are comfortable with their identity. Dr. Williams explains: "I wanted boys to see the truth of who they are—brilliant. As characteristic of EPI dolls, each face is unique sculpture, they have strong jawlines, full lips, real hair and muscular bendable bodies. Fresh Squad allow little boys to see themselves and dream of what they can to become."

Dolldom is honored to feature Daniel and Anthony, two of the characters of The Fresh Squad, as they rock looks styled using their fashions and separates by Haunt Couture Atelier on Etsy. 

For more information on The Fresh Squad make sure to visit the World of EPI.

Separates by Haunt Couture Atelier on Etsy

Separates by Haunt Couture Atelier on Etsy

For more information on The Fresh Squad make sure to visit the World of EPI.

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  1. Very fun dolls that can offer a lot to both kids and collectors (especially customizers). Beautiful set design and styling.