Friday, April 16, 2021

They Came from Outer-Space

Leave it to Joey Versaw to come up with the wildest ideas. Like a veteran mixologist finessing the recipe for a new cocktail, Versaw mixes equal parts of monsters, nurse fetish fashions, victory rolls, and glamorous evening looks to create his latest and totally sensational iteration of Miss Mary and her pal Monday.

Titled "Abduction" the collection channels vintage sci-fi B-movie themes and portrays the dynamic duo as most seductive aliens who work by day and go glam by night.

During daytime, Miss Mary and Monday wear ultra sensational rubber strapless sheaths, nurse caps and sleevelets with contrasting stiletto pumps.

For nighttime, the pair add mesh Lycra, vintage flocked tulle, and paint-spattered blouses, skirts, and balloon gloves with hand applied orange-red rhinestones to transform into ultra posh goddesses with a slew of mix-and-match options. And of course, each look has a different face-plate, hand painted with utmost precision by Versaw.  

Limited to editions of 20 resin dolls each, Miss Mary in alien green skin and Monday in GOETIA violet come in beautifully illustrated boxes by DiPietro Martinelli Pascal.

"Abduction" Miss Mary and Monday are bound to be sought-after models, just like the two preceding collections. Make sure that you visit Miss Mary's Boutique

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  1. One of the greatest entries in Dolldom history. The set subtly evoking a medical setting using eclectic antique decorations is an ingenious approach.