Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Wig a Day...

Keeps the stylish girl - stylish.

Having seen the fabulous 3-D printed, airbrushed wigs made for the 1/4 scale dolls, Séverine, the iconic doll by Julian S. Kalinowski, asked her dear friend LizRetros for a little pick me up. And the ever-generous LizRetros was happy to oblige not only with an enviable wardrobe of always-perfectly-coiffed wigs in luscious colors but with sensational 3-D printed and hand-decorated sunglasses and a fit-to-impact halter cocktail dress in vintage knit.

Collaborations yield visionary dolls.

For more information on LizRetros' world of B&G, visit her boutique and pick up something unique for your beloved dolls.

Séverine, the groundbreaking doll by Julian S. Kalinowski, arrived at Dolldom's studios already made-up and wearing a LizRetros cocktail dress. Her straw hat would soon be replaced...

"Moutarde" is a classic blonde look that pairs surprisingly well with "Collige, Virgo, Rosas" sunglasses.

"Baby Powder" is as soft as an angelic kiss.

"Orange Is the New Orange" is a color-saturated look, perfect for a tropical vacation, along with "Once in Vegas" sunglasses.

"Crow, Crow!"is a go-to look for evening sleuthing.

"Goldenrod" is an airbrushed wonder!

"Double Bubble" is sweetness for upcoming summer days.

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