Saturday, October 19, 2019

Mirror Man

A doll exists in as many contexts as there are those who collect them, for what the doll embodies in its vinyl, hard plastic, resin, or porcelain form mirrors diverse dynamic mindsets.

Integrity Toys' "Art of Manliness" Darius Reid, from the company's recent Live from Fashion Week 2019 Convention, is an ideal example. Out of his well-tailored pink suit with matching fedora, this new iteration of the famed Darius character evokes - for Dolldom - the iconic models Derrick Cross and Ken Moody in Robert Mapplethorpe's photography.

In this exclusive portfolio, Darius is the essence of human beauty, as subjective as that claim is, not only for the remarkable outward forms but also for a perceived spiritual substance.


  1. Well, you have made him special, indeed!
    The redress is perfect. Thanks for these
    inspired photos.

  2. Sorry, previous comment is by me.