Sunday, August 11, 2019

We Don't Mean Rhinestones

Last July 31 to August 3, 2019, Barbie doll fans had their yearly apotheosis, one that felt particularly important, as this year, the Barbie doll turned 60-years old. It was the iconic character's diamond jubilee. 

Every year, at the Saturday night banquet, Mattel regales fans with the most special gift of an convention-exclusive Barbie doll. This year, it had been revealed, the doll would be a Silkstone Barbie Fashion Model designed by Robert Best. And Dolldom must say that Best left his best for this occasion. The doll, "Diamond Jubilee", is a groundbreaking design for it forgoes BFMC's classic mid-20th century fashion formulas and ventures into contemporary fashion, not unlike "Proudly Pink". But "Diamond Jubilee" takes if to a higher level with an attitude that feels revitalizing for this amazing line of dolls. Dolldom cannot but wonder if this look anticipates what may be a new era for the Silkstone Barbie doll. We can only hope.

"Diamond Jubilee" Barbie models a mini dress of voluptuous ruffles in off-white moiré (the same color used on the early BFMC boxes), black silk satin skirt, united by a shiny faux patent leather belt, and bold faux-suede thigh-high boots. At 60, Barbie is rocking the look cleverly complemented by a beautiful face-up boasting gold eyeliner, silver glitter eye shadow, and pale pink lips. A luscious ponytail is a nod to the original model from 1959.

Dolldom was honored to host "Diamond Jubilee" Barbie in our studios for a photographic session that yielded this exclusive portfolio. Together, dear readers, let's  celebrate Barbie on her 60th anniversary!

Fashion illustration by Robert Best from his Instagram feed

 Note: Dolldom's editors styled "Dimaond Jubilee" with past Barbie Fashion Model Collection jewelry designs.  As such, the pin and the bracelet in our photos were not issued with the ensemble.