Monday, February 23, 2015

Ecce Homo

Behold the man.

Mel Odom's Trent Osborn. Leading man supreme at Monolithic Studios and popular matinee idol. Trent Osborn made his debut in The Gene Marshall Collection produced by Ashton-Drake in 2001. 14 years later, Mr. Osborn makes his return as part of the JAMIEshow produced Gene Marshall line. And what a return it is. In his Smooth-J resin incarnation, the ball-jointed strung doll gains mobility that the previous issue did not have as well as enhanced anatomical definition. Most remarkable, Mr. Osborn can hold a pose unaided by a stand.

Dolldom is happy to welcome yet another high-quality JAMIEshow iteration of the unforgettable characters created by Mr. Odom as an extension of his trendsetting art.

This exclusive portfolio focuses on Mr. Osborn's physical essence.

Soon in Dolldom: Trent Osborn in many of his most celebrated roles.


  1. Beautiful photos, Ernesto - cannot wait until Trent arrives here!

    1. Thank you, Dave! Looking forward to your photos now!

  2. szelki są tak męskie! nagie sutki raczej rezerwuję na specjalne sytuacje...