Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conversations with Joan Crawford

Dolldom is elated to host a series of conversations with the legendary star of the Silver Screen, Miss Joan Crawford. In these series, Miss Crawford will express her views on many topics related to dolls and doll art. For this first installment, we ask Joan to give us all the details on her beautiful new look.

"I just returned from a delightful stay at Bobby Taylor's Pink Bubbles Spa. Time spent at his fine establishment, brings a girl back to life. Bobby and I poured over many photos of my most iconic looks and decided on this Torch Song inspired style. Hat's off to Mr. Taylor for executing these delicate curls with such inspired precision. Once at the spa, the girls, Daffy, Alina, and Vera took charge and me voilà! I adore the beautiful red lipstick from Pink Bubbles Spa's cosmetic line. The name? Sang de boeuf. My eyelashes came directly from Facets by Marcia. And the brows! Lovely and full, to frame the face and enhance my histrionic efforts."

I simply adore gemstones. This remarkable canary yellow diamond and citrine necklace was a gift from dear George [Hurrell] who acquired it from gifted jeweler Joy Jarred.

To accentuate the colors of the gemstones, I choose a sapphire blue taffeta dance dress by Boxpleat Fashions. The black velvet adorned neckline enhances my legendary shoulders. The patent leather platform pumps are from Facets by Marcia. And this beautiful salon - no, it's not Cedric's work. It's Darren Cole's! His mid-century designs captivated my eye when I went to visit my dear friend Liz at her Seattle atelier. I'll be wearing her designs in future sessions with you.  Thank you for your ongoing love and support."


  1. Wowee wow-wow! I have no words to say how much I love her!

  2. Thank you, Liz! Bobby and the gals at Pink Bubbles spa did the magic.

  3. Miss Crawford, you were a simply a delight to work with and we were honored to have a Star of your caliber visit us here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! Vera is still in shock that she had the chance to meet you in person!