Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sasha Love

The artist Sasha Morgenthaler created a realm of childhood that, like good literature, offers a stimulating serving of ambiguity to those who engage with it. Begin with the sculpt: a universal depiction of the human child transforms via vinyl coloration and hair. The one becomes the everyone. Proceed to the expression: a smile? Not really. A pout? Certainly not. It all depends on the tilt of the head and the way that the light illuminates the face to evoke a milliard possible expressions. End with the simplicity of it all: the integrity and strength of the artist's vision creates a doll that requires the most minimal of adornments to be. The Sasha doll is a presence, a sentiment, a conduit to the eternal moment to which many of us aim. That is the power of art and the power of a very good doll.

Dolldom shares this exclusive portfolio with an invitation to dream and to project your thoughts into these soulful vignettes. Our hope is that you will reconnect with the essential moment of childhood that makes us the unique creatures we are today.