Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cora and Caleb

Sister and brother? Or neighbors? Schoolmates? Sasha doll's Cora and Caleb are beautiful and unique characters with which to create many a narrative and enjoy a few hours of unadulterated play. For this Saturday evening entry, Dolldom imagines Cora and Caleb enjoying a day out in a forest. Cora, in her playful dress by A Passion for Sasha is quick to point out that there's a slew of mushrooms on the forest ground. Better not touch them, Caleb! Caleb, in his original fashion, listens to Cora's wise advise. Soon it will be dinner time and a mother or a father's voice will be calling them to come in, for the cold of the night approaches...

 Cora and Caleb! Cora, circa 1985, and Caleb, circa 1974, enjoy a walk in the forest after the rain.

 Cora dons a sweet-as-maple-syrup tutti-futti dot dress and bloomer dress by A Passion for Sasha and her original shoes and socks.

 Darling girl Cora. Her perfect hair is the delight of Dolldom's stylists.

Caleb, in his 1970s form, is made of an exquisite dark ebony tone vinyl.


  1. I LOVE you pictures and collection,Ernesto!
    This ones are specially lovely!!
    Congrats for getting them!!
    All My Best Wishes!!