Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Night Nurse

Gay Carrington is a woman torn - by love and vocation- in her latest melodrama, The Night Nurse, also starring Trent Osborne, on loan from Monolithic Studios. Playing lovesick triplets, Mr. Osborne follows Bette Davis' tour de force in Dead Ringer. But The Night Nurse is Miss Carrington's movie. It takes an actress of her caliber and expertise to interpret a character of such emotional complexity as Lola Folley, a cocktail lounge singer who decides to redirect her talents by caring for the sick while singing to them. Miss Carrington could not look more the professional nurse in her stiff white cotton uniform designed by Liz Cole for Retros.

With lushly orchestrated ballads such as "Heart Healer", "Operation Affection", and "Bed Bath Blues", The Night Nurse is bound to become a cinematic classic and an all time hit for the charismatic Miss Carrington. Dolldom anticipates many special sing-along showings of this movie at The Castro Theater.

Dolldom is honored to share these exclusive wardrobe and make-up test shots generously provided by the film's producers.

Dolldom wishes to thank Miss Gay Carrington for her generosity and inspiration.
The doll in her likeness is the unofficial, fan-made Gay Carrington doll.