Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pelo Italiano

In pursuit of the perfectly scaled head of hair, Dolldom meets gifted artists who comprehend the utter relevance of proportioned hairstyling, as this element alone will make or kill a doll. Much to our delight, Italian wig maker Ilaria Mazzoni of Time of Doll, crafts wigs using a hard cap and applying the best quality Saran or mohair fibers directly to it. This method and her meticulous manipulations of hair fibers allow her to achieve styles that will make a doll look supremely well styled and yes, even more beautiful.

Not unlike the hirsute creations that graced the heads of the mythical dolls of Le Théâtre de la Mode, Ilaria's wigs are veritable gems of hair couture and as such very much worth the investment.

In this exclusive portfolio, Dolldom shows how Mel Odom's Gene Marshall, produced by JAMIEshow transforms with these beautifully crafted styles.Modeling fashions by Liz Cole for Retros and jewelry by Joy Jarred and Mark G. Harris, the eternal star of Monolithic Studios exemplifies the ultimate chameleon of style.

Brava, Ilaria!

The classic bob. In beautifully rich brown makes Phoenix Gene a more coquettish presence.

In her silk qi pao by Retros and necklace by Joy Jarred, Gene is classic chic.

A blonde pompadour with chignon gives Gene the 1940's elegance that many of her period fashions require. 

In her vintage silk and tulle cocktail dress by Retros, Gene gives us sparkle supreme.

A raven chignon and beehive combination will allow Gene to play villains and perhaps even a vampire.

But in this silk dress by Liz Cole for Retros, Gene is all eye candy. Necklace by Mark G. Harris for Mode de M

 For more information, visit Ilaria Mazzoni's Flickr site.

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