Saturday, February 16, 2013

Master Class

The savvy doll wears the sempiternally chic. Inhabiting a realm light years away from fad, she remains triumphantly elegant. Dolldom, always in the lookout for the very best in luxury, (and luxury need not mean exorbitant sums of money) profiles the sumptuously polished work of Michael Basala, creator and host extraordinaire of the popular The Studio Commissary. For this exclusive featurette, Mr. Basala fashioned luxurious day wear for Gene Marshall and her friends. A precisely tailored long sleeved dress adapts ever so galantly to the shape of the lucky lady wearer while the supple wrap provides warmth and drama in case the afternoon turns into an evening of cocktails.

Ivy Jordan, actress and director friend of Ms. Marshall, kindly agreed to model the très soigné celery green and nori black tweed ensemble. Ms. Jordan loves hats and the ensemble's felt Peter Pan cap was much too smart for her to resist.

Dolldom's stylists chose beautiful handmade jewelry by Joy Jarred to enhance this dapper look by Mr. Basala. A pin by Mattel's Barbie Fashion Model Collection designed by Robert Best adds even more polish.

We thank Michael Basala for sharing his talented vision of classic style with us and look forward to enjoying the beauty of his work in the near future.



  1. Hello from Spain: this lady is very elegant. I like the hat. Nice pictures. You're right that elegance does not always have to be a lot of money .. Keep in touch

  2. Gracias, Marta. I'm glad that you also like Ivy, she is one of my favorite dolls. Thank you for your kind comments too.