Saturday, October 1, 2022

Natural Wonders

ValeyofDolls' unique take on men's sartorial design is nothing short of jaw-dropping, in fact, it's magic: the colors, the materials, the accessories. No detail is left unexamined. And who better to model this miniaturized couture but the men of Menagerie's Marmite Sue by Eli Effenberger?  

In ValeyofDolls' immaculately constructed fashions, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus Baby find their apotheosis of style becoming three essential elements of nature: air, water and fire. 

Changeant Dupioni silk is the foundation for this halter style with attached cravat. 

The headpiece, also by ValeyofDolls, is a daringly amazing way to announce the evolution of the hat. Wig by Chewin Doll.

A gorgeous sapphire blue stretch panné velvet, becomes an innovative take on the classic pairing of slacks and turtleneck top.

Top favorite of many of Dolldom's human denizens who want it in their scale.  Wig by Chewin Doll.

Emerald sparkles. Glittered lace over tulle gauze tank accompany charmeuse satin wide-leg slacks and it's not an obvious pairing. In the expert hands of ValeyofDolls, it becomes a work of art. 

The matching swimming cap is the perfect illustration of ValeyofDolls' playful aesthetic. Wig by NuminaDoll. 

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