Friday, October 28, 2022

All Hallow's Eve - Dreary Style

The Dreary twins have captivated Dolldom since their very first appearance in 2007. And this Halloween 2022, they are back! In this Dolldom exclusive, Agnes and Viktor share their love for anything and everything spooky.

As the day begins its descent into dusk and candles begin to flicker, Agnes and Viktor Dreary escape to a corner of the garden...

My Witch Wish
"Dinner Doldrums" Agnes Dreary gets her witch wish with a fantastic hat by Peggy Feltrope.

Little Ghosts
Viktor imagines that his broken frozen Charlotte dolls are ghostly creatures sprouting from deep inside the Earth. 

The Greatest Showman
Viktor in a shirt, tie and pants by The Doll Workshop's Andrea Jacques and a hat by Peggy Feltrope, shows off his ghoulish menagerie. 

Let's Face It
"Minor Conundrum" Agnes loves a mask - just not on her face. Her vintage zombie lady will go trick or treating, on her hand.

La mosca mortal
Viktor leads his pack of Thetis Lake Monsters by Stexe on a nighttime excursion to the pond in LizRetros' The Fly get-up.  


Sweet Little Witch
Who's behind that mask? 

She's not saying! But everyone around her knows...

Monster Trainer
"Odd One Out" Viktor Dreary tames the beasties.

But the Enfield Horror by Stexe has gotten away...and on Halloween! 

This Halloween entry closes with a little ditty composed by the twins and enacted by their beloved friend Cuculala, an antique porcelain headed mignonette.

As I walk by the forest grand
So full of green amphibians
I realize it's time again
To make my introduction!

A casque of moss, redolent most
Of buried leaves and chestnuts,
Adorns my thoughts so hollow.

For I'm the grand Cuculala,
Cu-cu-la-la forever!
In light or dark 
You'll hear me chant
I am the grand Cuculala,
Cu-cu-cu-cu, Cuculala,
Cu-cu-la-la forever!

Happy Halloween!

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