Saturday, July 16, 2022

Francie's Groovy Day

 Mattel's recent reproduction of the Black Francie doll reignites Dolldom's passion for the styles of the late 1960s. And "Floatin' In" Francie is the perfect model muse to star in a little adventure into the world of Crest of the Hill Knits' (formerly Hill Crest Barbies) hand crafted fashions.

Associated with the homemade, knitted garments are often overlooked and under appreciated by collectors of fashion dolls. But Dolldom is sure that this Black Francie and Crest of the Hill Knits combo will surely whet your appetite for a little yarn. Knitted specifically for the slender silhouette of Barbie doll's MODern cousin, the looks reference Flower Power, YSL and Emma Peel. Isn't that groovy?

Crest of the Hill Knits on Etsy

A Flower a Day...

This saturated marigold yellow dress features a single cornflower blue blossom producing undeniable graphic impact. 

Museum Piece...Not!

The reference to YSL's famous Mondrian dress is there but with a glittered driving cap by Maryann Roy and her swinging attitude, Francie takes the look out of the museum and into the streets of Swinging London. 

The Emmapeeler

Cause a gal needs to have a black catsuit! Knitted to fit like a glove, Francie's jumpsuit features shot-with-silver-thread black yarn for extra glam. 

Driving cap and "apostrophe" chair by Maryann Roy
Table by Darren Cole for LizRetros

Note: Francie's hair was restyled for these photos. The restyling consisted of washing, hot water straightening and then careful trimming of the ends. 

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