Monday, December 27, 2021

Mission Possible: F.A.B. Style

Acronyms such HTF and VHTF are inextricable from the dollector's pursuit of vintage objects of desire. Take, for example, Fairyite’s Lady Penelope. Released in 1966 along with six outfits, the doll's scarcity in today's secondary market make her qualify as a rare find, more so in good condition.

What are dolls wishing to evoke Lady Penelope’s aura of style to do? Sit and wait?

Absolutely no! They go on a mission!

 Enter the equally fabulous Rosina Haskell who, like Lady Penelope,  comes to the rescue with her keen understanding of the period, of the designs, and of the incomparable charm of the inspiring secret agent.

In this Dolldom exclusive, several super stars of the fashion doll world gather to pay homage to the sensational heroine of Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds! Here’s to F.A.B. style. Here’s to Rosina Haskell and Lady Penelope!

Fairylite's Lady Penelope doll was offered dressed in a red and black houndstooth suit with capelet and cap.

Haskell's version is on point! Modeled by a first issue Lilli Lalka by Julian Kalinowski, the suit is made for stylish sleuthing. 

Lady Penelope's bolero and bellbottom pantsuit with sash...

becomes a nautically-inspired ensemble in Haskell's hands. Anouk, by Nav Sikand, is thrilled. 

A hip leather vest over herringbone look...

is Sylvain's favorite lounging-around get-up!

Pink crepe and black lurex...who knew?

Anouk digs the classic color match!

Did she? No, she didn't! This is new design by Haskell that makes a prototype Sylvain by Julian Kalinowski decide to become a sleuth-for-hire. 

The drama of black and white for cocktails...

Is black and white drama for cocktails and Fabiola by Mike Buess is on it! Sunglasses by LizRetros. 

The gown! A secret agent has to blend at gala parties and balls...

so Tressy, restyled by Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, volunteers to do the job. 

To inquire about Haskell's designs, visit her boutique Rosiebows Mini Couture

Watch Lady Penelope in the trailer for The Dangerous Game

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  1. Thank you, Linda! Credit to Rosina Haskell for creating the styles!