Sunday, December 19, 2021

Ellowyne Wishes

 Dolly wishes do come true. Virtual Doll Convention and Robert Tonner once again regale collectors with an impressive collection of Ellowyne Wilde dolls and fashions for 2022. The charming, energetic, and very hard-working Rachel Hoffman just announced the upcoming January 12th event at 10:00 am MDT.

Dolldom is honored to have photographed the four dressed dolls (one of them a basic) and two separate fashions, designed by the iconic Robert Tonner. From sequins to lace to macrame, the lush collection is an extension of the Ellowyne Wilde legacy as well as of the high quality of production associated with Robert Tonner dolls. It's a not to be missed opportunity, fashion doll collectors!

"Baby Doll Basic" Ellowyne is this time a gorgeous redhead in a dress that is not at all basic, as it could double as a tunic over jeans or tights. 

"Chilling" (modeled by "Baby Doll Basic") is the first separate ensemble offering. Ideal for the winter season, it combines sequins and brocade, styled for urban adventures galore. Dolldom's editors love the gold boots (designed for high-heeled feet) and backpack!

"Neutral Ground", the second dressed doll offering, is a gorgeous Ellowyne with discreet freckles that reveal themselves as you meet your new brownette friend. Her three piece ensemble is stunningly chic in its neutrality and will give those who love to mix-and-match plenty of options with other Ellowyne separates. 

"Feeling Navy Blues" is the third dressed doll offering. An instant classic, Ellowyne has brown eyes and a gorgeous brunette bob wig. Her ensemble is nothing short of amazing, combining denim, beading, and a cut-to-resemble-feathers faux fur coat. The boots, designed to fit high-heeled feet, complete the look. 

"Evergreen" (sing it, Barbra!) is the second separate ensemble offering. And wow, what a sensation it is. A strapless jumpsuit with translucent gloves and beaded bracelets hides underneath the warmth-providing caplet. Green sandals, of course. It's the ultimate cocktail party look!

Any fan of Robert Tonner dolls will immediately recognize the magic created by the combination of design and execution. The ultimate luxury dressed doll, "Just Devine" Ellowyne, in her pale blonde softly-waved ponytail, is exquisite. Her creamy pink sequin-over-net gown and cape of appliqued blossoms invite us all to enjoy a moment of inspiration, of celebration, and of love for the fashion doll. 

Collections like this one, that provide gorgeous design with utmost quality, become harder and harder to produce in the current economic climate. A million thanks to Virtual Doll Convention and Robert Tonner for another winning moment in fashion doll history. 

You have a date! January 12, 2022 at 10:00 am MDT at the Ellowyne Wilde Boutique at Virtual Doll Convention's site. 

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