Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Golden Standard Is Now Pink: Matilda Pink!

One of the joys of fashion doll collecting is sourcing genuine couture for dolls. When said couture is made with an inspired, playful vision of vintage 1960s styles and constructed with jaw-dropping precision by a supremely talented artist, then, one has hit the jackpot!

For this exclusive summer entry featuring Wilde Imagination's Patience doll, Diana Lemieux, creator and designer of the incredibly luxurious Matilda Pink label, produced an exquisite collection of fashions that celebrates saturated color, lush fabrics and embellishments, and precise tailoring, all imbued with a Mod London vibe.

The unique Patience, who was most often issued wearing classic storybook character costumes, is transformed into a bona fide fashion doll in Matilda Pink's designs. Not unlike the iconic Blythe, Patience's generously proportioned head, expressive flirty eyes, and highly articulated body yield a charming fashion model that is ready to make a come-back and take the fashion world by storm. In Matilda Pink's designs, Dolldom is sure that that will happen.

Dolldom thanks Diana Lemieux for her generosity of spirit, talent, and time, without which this entry would not have been possible. Check out the Matilda Pink's boutique on Etsy.

Tutti-frutti! A classic mini dress is double delicious when made of soft velveteen and delicate lace. 

Standing Guard!  Patience loves the impact of her wool felt coat and pillbox hat. 

Two for the Road! Colorama supreme for days of fun adventures. 

Matilda Pink!