Saturday, April 24, 2021


Beautiful flowers form an abundant bouquet, specially selected, from among Rosina Haskell’s garden of fashion delights.

Rosina Haskell is an integral force in the creation of two of the UK’s most beloved doll collections: Anouk by Nav Sikand and Lilli Lalka 2 by Julian S. Kalinowski. The delightful designer’s fashions for both doll lines exemplify classic elegance and demonstrate a deep understanding and an expert application of the lexicon of vintage fashion.

Haskell loves Jackie Kennedy and the Oleg Cassini designs that she wore and considers the former First Lady a massive influence, as well as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Lady Penelope, from the Gerry Anderson’s “Supermarionation” show Thunderbirds, also inspires Haskell design choices and confesses only watching the series to see what the ever-elegant blonde was wearing. A self-professed fan of Princess Diana and her style, Haskell feels that no one comes close to becoming the style icon that she was.

For this Dolldom entry, Haskell designs a tour de force wardrobe for Anouk and Lilli Lalka 2 and in so doing creates a fragrant tribute to vintage style.

Heaven is a Place on Earth
In Haskell’s deceivingly simple with dress, Anouk opens the show. Sometimes, less is perfection! Necklace by Exsyntrik.

Enchanted Eve
Lilli Lalka 2 meets Ken in Haskell’s ultra glam-bang baby-blue gown with oversized bow and side train.

For there are times when one must make an entrance. A Lilli Lalka 2 models a cream silk gown and matching coat for a very special occasion. Feather picture hat by Maryann Roy.

Oh, Jackie?
Anouk enjoys her moment of supreme chic in Haskell’s inspired combination of pink satin and black Lurex. Wow, wow gown!

Sober is a Must
A OOAK Anouk, restyled by Bobby Taylor of Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, wears Haskell’s signature little black suit. A definite must have. Hose also by Haskell.

Libation Nation
Two Lillia Lalka 2 dolls welcome you to the cocktail hour in 1960s classic styles. Betty Draper shall be joining them soon. Furniture by Morrison Studios. Necklace by VJT Designs.

The Knit of Love
A mini dress in a cream lace knit gives Lillia Lalka 2 options for day and cocktail wear. Necklace by Exsyntrik. OOAK vintage Alan by Joey Versaw.

Ahoy, Matey!
Lilli Lalka 2 passes by in a delightful pant set with lace decoration and a deep green neckerchief. Glasses by LizRetros.

I’m Happy When You Are Happy!
Lilli Lalka 2 is a giver of love in Haskell’s patchwork-happy sundress. Necklace by Exsyntrik.

Check, Please!
A Black Anouk by Nav Sikand, wears a warm, cozy, and elegant coat in purple and green plaid over a matching sheath.

Resources for readers

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  1. Great phots Ernesto. Love your styling.

    1. Thank you, Don! It's inspired by vintage catalog photos.