Thursday, July 25, 2019

Defiantly Unique

Faces. Never forgotten for their character, their defiance, their pride, their uniqueness. Since beauty (and art) is as as relative as nature is absolute, who is to judge with superficial impulse these countenances, created by the inspired Julian Kalinowski using his three dimensional hard plastic canvases? As Kalinowski experiments with the doll form and continues to push the boundaries of what is beautiful, Dolldom confirms his daring genius.

This exclusive photo portfolio of his newest collection of OOAK dolls, dressed in fashions by Tania Lawrence, is paired with delectably playful imagery - by the ever-unique Dame Edith Sitwell.

Edith Sitwell by Pavel Tchelitchew, circa 1935

"By Candlelight"
by Edith Sitwell

Houses red as flower of bean,
Flickering leaves and shadows lean!

Pantalone, like a parrot,
Sat and grumbled in the garret—
Sat and growled and grumbled till
Moon upon the window-sill
Like a red geranium
Scented his bald cranium.

Said Brighella, meaning well:
“Pack your box and—go to Hell!
Heat will cure your rheumatism!” . . .

Silence crowned this optimism—
Not a sound and not a wail:
But the fire (lush leafy vales)
Watched the angry feathers fly.
Pantalone ’gan to cry-

Could not, would not, pack his box!
Shadows (curtseying hens and cocks)
Pecking in the attic gloom
Tried to smother his tail-plume . . .

Till a cockscomb candle-flame
Crowing loudly, died: Dawn came.

Dolls by Julian S. Kalinowski
Fashions by Tania Lawrence
Millinery by Tania Lawrence and Bestiaire
Purses by LizRetros

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