Sunday, September 24, 2017

S Is for Snowdance and S-Girls

Sylvia Campbell is a superstar. Her talent is treasured by countless collectors whose fortunate dolls wear Miss Campbell's Snowdance Fashions - be it as reproductions of the Barbie doll's hardest-to-find ensembles or original and most inspired designs. But it is not only the Barbie doll who enjoys the luxury and beauty of Snowdance Fashions, for Miss Campbell has collaborated with hand painted doll superstar Julian S. Kalinowski over the years in many a project. Hard to imagine a special Lilli Lalka who has not been regaled with a Snowdance fashion. And Séverine - the now mythical creature whose Facebook Je suis Séverine group continues to bring together people from all over the world - fabulously modeled OOAK creations by Miss Campbell is a past Dolldom entry. So it was only natural that Mr. Kalinowski's new S-Girls followed suit.

Miss Campbell has created a sublime red, black and white collection that is nothing but exuberant, elegant, and yes, sexy. Using lace in all the right places and giving sparkly Lurex the chance to get out of the Solo-in-the-Spotlight cliché, this latest Snowdance Fashions collection for the sensational S-Girls takes the dialogue on dolls to yet another level of depth.

For more information on both artists' work, visit or call on them!
S-Girls by Julian S. Kalinowski
Snowdance Fashions by Sylvia Campbell

Crown Jewel. Sylvain reigns supreme in vintage lace and Lurex.

Yes and No. Sable loves the polar opposites of this 60s-inspired lace suit.

Vintage and Ageless. Come on! Can't it get any more gorgeous? A special Lurex and vintage lace gown is modeled by the first ever black Stella.

Coquette. Stella plays along with our photographer's posing suggestions in this ready-for-cocktails bubble dress.

Grecian Greatness. One bare shoulder dress of apple-red lace gives Stella a chance to be a Hellenic goddess.

Archangel. Angel of love Sylvain takes us to Cloud Nine in a white lace version of the one-bare-arm dress. 

Gowns Go Grand! A Barbie Japanese market exclusive gown is re-imagined by Miss Campbell as a glorious confection of sparkling beads and creamy silk satin for Mr. Kalinowski's S-Girls Sylvain and Sable.

Beads and Beauty. Courtesy of Sylvia Campbell's Snowdance and Julian S. Kaslinowski's S-Girl Sylvain.

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