Sunday, July 2, 2017

I Live in a House Where Nobody Knows My Name

The interior of vintage dollhouses can evoke emotions galore. Meant to house people, an empty house is, well, empty, and as such becomes an archetype for the self.

On this second post for July 2017 and to follow our previous solitary room interiors study, we present a series of portraits of a Hertwig bisculoid (composition made to resemble bisque) lad, circa 1935, by the name of Emmanuel. But nobody knows his name...yet.

The sewn-on black felt double-breasted suit and peek-a-boo tie knot enhance the fine mold and delicate face paint of this three-inch mister.

Will Emmanuel decide to inhabit the house?


  1. There's something a little sad and shy about Emmanuel in how you've captured him. It's quite engaging.

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