Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Twins: Memen and Tomori

Meet Memen and Tomori, the Halloween twins.

They do love to play with decaying leaves' skins.

Memen and Tomori give smiles a tad chilling,
Tomori sure loves that her hat is so thrilling!

"Tomori, are you ready for All Hallows Eve?"

"Bien sur, dear brother! I always believe
In ghouls, bats, and spiders! I'm not that naive!"

"Soon, in pure darkness, I'll play you a tune."

"Will it be the wail of tonight's lonely Moon?"

"Tomori, it's time to go back to the ground!"

"Deep down below, that's where we were found!"

Dolldom wishes its readers 
a spine chilling All Hallows Eve!

Memen and Tomori are skeleton mignonette dolls made by porcelain doll artist Katarina Karsberg.
Ms. Karsberg also designed and executed their clothing.

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