Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Glamour Puss Redefined: Hollywood Canteen Ivy Jordan

The spotlight is on Miss Ivy Jordan! The talented actress is mostly known for her savvy comebacks and perfect comedic timing. Yet, sometimes society falls trap to a silly dichotomy: wit and sex-appeal may not always come together harmoniously. To challenge this assumption and to regale our readers' eyes,  Dolldom had the honor of hosting Mel Odom's Miss Ivy Jordan in her "Hollywood Canteen" iteration as manufactured by JAMIEShow Dolls. The results of the fun modeling session are but pat one of a series of entries celebrating the beauty of Miss Jordan and several of her Monolithic Studios' colleagues.
Today we feature Miss Ivy Jordan, Glamour Puss. As a blonde (very platinum) Miss Jordan's deep indigo blue eyeshadow pops and her deep red lips (that pout - so Garbo!) exude you-can't-kiss-me attitude. Who knew? Here she is: Miss Ivy "Vee" Jordan, ultimate glamour puss.

In Marlena's wig, restyled by hairstylist extraordinaire Kathy Johnson, Miss Jordan models her "Hollywood Canteen" skirt and Gene's "Promenade" blouse by Tim Kennedy.

"Hollywood Canteen" Ivy Jordan's fashion consists of two separate pieces that expand the mix-and-match possibilities. The blouse is shown in this photo accompanied by the skirt from "Afternoon Off" designed by Doug James. Ivy loves her platinum grey wig issued on "Hollywood Canteen" Gene Marshall. 

Vogue! Miss Jordan cuts an impressive figuere in "Fashion Plot" designed by Tim Kennedy.

Curves for days! In Liz Cole's in-the-jungle vintage raw silk gown, Miss Jordan will make the ultimate star entrance. Wig restyled by Kathy Johnson.

Goddess! In Timothy Alberts, "Blue Evening", Vee is nothing short of stunning. A rare beauty, indeed.

"Claudette" wig cap in platinum grey adds even more drama to the color palette.

Doll, wig caps, and some of the fashions featured are available at JAMIEshow Dolls
Liz Cole for Retros
Wig restyle by Kathy Johnson (Miss Johnson may be contacted via The Studio Commissary board.)

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