Saturday, November 1, 2014

First Love

Dolldom is honored to present artist Joey Versaw's newest line of fashion dolls: "First Love"! Mr. Versaw's visionary line of dolls is born from his desire to enrich the ways in which fashion dolls exist in today's market. This is the very first line of gay male dolls that convey a true sense of respect for the struggles of men who have had to create families for themselves in order to live fully integrated and productive lives.

Employing the same technology used to create Mary Magpie, the world's first ever 3-D printed fashion doll, "First Love" features three distinctive sculpts for three distinctive personalities. Their body - anatomically correct and defined - is realistic and made for modeling. From Mr. Versaw's own couture to Ken to FR Homme, "First Love" will show off the look like only these family of young men can.

Dolldom sat down with Mr. Versaw last summer to talk about this ground-breaking new line of male dolls.

Dolldom: Why "First Love"? Why do a line of gay male dolls?
Joey Versaw: Being gay is not easy. Remember when your heart beat so fast you thought it was about to explode? Remember the heated breath on your neck and soft fleshy lips against your own? A hand holding yours in the movie theater? A sideways glance with a smile that made butterflies dance in your stomach. One will always remember his "First Love"!

Dolldom: So you are romantic then?
Joey Versaw: Yes, but it goes beyond that. "First Love" is a line of real boys dealing with real everyday problems. Coming out, finding what to wear Friday night, discovering who they are, dealing with family and society, and yes, falling in love for the first time! In life sometimes we choose our family. Sometimes our birth family is not there for us but in its place we meet kindred spirits who become our family.

Dolldom: Who composes this new cast of characters?
Joey Versaw: I was inspired by my friends and countless people who created a village of  people who love each other and are always there for one another. Joey, Justin, and Gum are those people. A family thrown together by fate. Joey is the glue that holds the family together with his constant laughter and nurturing qualities. Justin is the content, the computer geek, the best friend who is always there for you thick and thin. Gum is the joker, the bad boy with a heart of gold who always makes sure there is an adventure to drag the other into.

Joey Versaw: Joey is the boy next door who always has a kind word to say and smile on his face. Justin is all about fashion. He lives and breathes for it! Ever since he found his mother's copy of Vogue he has been hooked! Gum is always getting into trouble! Thank goodness for Joey and Justin pulling him out of bad situations! All Gum thinks about is men and music. He is in a cover band called "Pink Hair and the Sing-a-Longs"!

Dolldom: They are well-defined characters.
Joey Versaw: As a artist, I wanted to provide a line of boys that would be more than a novelty. An actual line of real and realistic young gay men. I wanted a line of dolls to reflect the realness and bond of the gay community. Not hyper-sexual novelty gay dolls but rather true blooded real boys with real stories and courageous lives to lead.

Dolldom: We love that you've created a line of wigs just like you did for Mary Magpie!
Joey Versaw: Yes! "First Love" is also about hair play! Have you ever met a boy who does not care about his hair style?

First, there is Gable, a classic look.

Then there is Slater, a cute up do.

Then there's Pony!

And Blade, the faux hawk!

Dolldom thanks Mr. Versaw for sharing this amazing new line of limited editions dolls. To inquire about "First Love" or Mary Magpie and her friends, visit their boutique. You may also read about them in the latest issue of FDQ magazine.


  1. Very cool and ground-breaking line Joey! Congratulations and great post Ernesto!

    1. Thank you, Bobby! It's a great achievement for Joey Versaw! So I join you in congratulating him.

  2. Love the texture of their skin - almost velvety-like and I think the face paints are fab. Pink Mohawk boy is my fave!

    1. Thank you, Doll-Scum. The texture adds so much to the doll, it's an added stimulus, tactile, that makes playing even more fun. Joey Versaw's style is on his dolls, his painting and drawing style finds another canvas on his dolls. Really beautiful artist-made dolls.