Thursday, August 7, 2014

She's Gonna Start A Revolution

"The Face of 66" as Twiggy was called in The Daily Express has become ingrained in our collective conscious and subconscious. Which is why when Integrity Toys released "She's Not There" Poppy Parker, Dolldom took notice.

Iconic looks, such as the one championed by Lesley Hornby, provide the opportunity to revisit a sensational time and place in fashion history.

 It all starts with the hairstyle. Integrity Toys got it right.

And then it's all about hems as in Michelle McClusky's (e-Bay seller minifashions5) velvet and Lurex minidress. Jewelry from "The Barbie Fashion Model Collection."

Classic gold links remind of Courrèges! Gold links mini by Francesca Pigliapoco.

Sometimes it's all about vintage. This Hong Kong clone number is perfection in gold and green. Emerald ring by Joy Jarred.

Gold brocade never looked better.

The Face of 66? You be the judge.

Closing the fashion show is a black and silver Lurex knit mini with silver orb decoration found at a thrift store. Lucky find! "Apostrophe" chair by Maryann Roy for Welcome Home.


  1. Great post! To me, "She's Not There" is the perfect homage to Twiggy in doll form. Love your presentation Ernesto...the pic of Twiggy holding her doll is great! Been feelin' a bit mod myself lately and seem to be drawn to the older Somers & Field fashions!

  2. Dear Bobby, thank you! I too love the photo found on Goggle - there she is playing with her Mattel doll. What a charmed life! Mod is cool - Somers and Field are beautiful fashions. Hope to see that collection!