Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All Hallows' Eve 2013

It's that time of year! Dolldom's very special tribute to the best of all holidays. For at Dolldom, Halloween is imbued with the images of Halloween celebrations of old, those based on vintage and antique postcards that portray the magical powers of the Earth, right before cold Winter comes to lay us all to sleep. It's a time for dancing and singing to the Harvest Moon around a crackling bonfire, for carving turnips to hold candles with which to find our way home at night, for reading ghost stories while drinking one's spirit of choice, and for turning into ghouls and goblins by means of an artful disguise.

For this year's celebration, Dolldom enjoys the presence of old and new friends who come together to partake of a good vintage Halloween time. So grab a fistful of candy corn and enjoy the fun.

Bruja bella. Nothing like a glamorous woman in orange and black to define Halloween magic. Tonner's Déjà Vu line introduces basic Emma Jean McGowen, who in Retro's sensational witch costume and Joy Jarred's jewelry, is nothing but the essence of fashion witchcraft!

A classic vampire film is de rigueur this time of year.

And Phoenix Gene Marshall by Mel Odom,produced by JAMIEshow, is our beautiful and eternal beloved.

In her Retros' Morticia Adams dress, cluster of diamonds nekclace and spider bracelet by Joy Jarred, and raven beehive by Ilaria Mazzoni, Phoenix Gene Marshall is the ultimate vamp.

But wait! Here comes the enchantress of all. In her royal blue gown with batty sleeves, also by Retros, J'adore Gene casts the ultimate fashion spell. Her necklace is by Joy Jarred. Her blond pompadour wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

You MAY kiss her hand now.

Emma Jean McGowen, the inimitable heroine from Tonner's Déjà Vu line, models a curve hugging sheath by Liz Cole for Retros and a witch hat by Peggy Feltrope. Jewelry by Joy Jarred. The little ghost costume was created by Our Sweet Creations.

Boo! Sad Sally is here!

Wilde Imagination's big eyed girl with the vivid orange cotton candy hair is the ideal poster child for vintage Halloween.

Look into my eyes....and suddenly the air turns cold, cold as ice...

Who is the magnificent apparition who stands in the middle of the ruins?

It's Wilde Imagination's One More Time Evangeline Ghastly in her ethereal gown, perfect for flying through the midnight sky in search of her beloved.

Vintage seven and half inch Genevieve doll is a Japanese beauty made of very malleable vinyl. For this classic Halloween scene, Genevieve models a Retros dress with gathered neckline and full skirt. Her Salamander Poliwogg friends all agree that she is the cutest witch of all. Felt hat also by Retros.

A Gotham Halloween, you say?

But of course! Barbie and Ken, in their original vintage sculpts, impersonate Catwoman and Batman, circa 1960's.

Trick or Treat! The Poliwogg Pumpkin Twins salute you on Halloween!

What would Halloween be without the quintessential scary old witch?
This fabulous lady boasts a uniquely expressive sculpt. Witch Polywogg by Salamander.

And she's ready to fly away on her broom along with her half moon charm.

Mel Odom's Madra Lord closes - and some say - steals the show in her purr-fect and ever so seductive sheath with pussycat print fabric by Retros and a classic witch  hat by Peggy Feltrope. The Enid Collins purse reproduction is also by Retros. Madra's big pumpkin is from Target.

This is Halloween!

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