Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bloom Boom!

The flower. The bloom. Would there be any pleasure in life without them? Flowers regale our eyes with their varied colors and shapes and capture our olfactory glands with their perfumes of seduction. After all, the purpose of the flower is to guarantee the continuity of beauty. A flower's life may seem brief to us and in so realizing, we intentionally stop and engage in contemplation. Dolldom follows suite and takes Nature's lead in this celebration of botanical magic. From prints to colors - it's a tribute to magnificent blooms.

Tonner Doll's 2011 Basic Special Fresh Face Frankie (LE 200) is perfect for a remake of Roman Holiday or Three Coins In The Fountain in her Retros halter dress and matching head scarf. Sunglasses by Horsman.

Fresh Face Frankie is Cami and Jon's friend. Her jewelry by VJT Designs.

Lilli Lalka by Julian Kalinowski wears a vintage Elite Creations Wendy sundress. Her purse is an Enid Collins miniaturization by Liz Cole for Retros.

Bild Lilli wears WellerMade's fantabulous tea rose-hued sweater set with delicate beading at neck. Lilli's bulldog seems to approve. Barbie cases by Rebecca Brosdhal.

Chicago's Velma Kelly by Tonner Doll Company wears a violet day dress by Liz Cole for Retros.

Velma's cloche is also a Retros creation.

All the colors of an orchid garden! All About The Eyes Gene Marshall models this luscious sensation by Retros.

Underneath the apple green cape- lined in daffodil yellow silk - a dew sprinkled cocktail dress and periwinkle knit gloves. Only Retros!

Gene is a flower adorned with flowers. Her hair comb is from Ashton-Drake's Twilight Rumba fashion designed by Doug James.

Barbie Fashion Model Collection's Luncheon Ensemble exemplifies bloom boom. To add more lushness to the affair, a leafy green necklace and earring set by Joy Jarred completes the celebration of blooms.

Francie's Check This! (#1291, circa 1967) ingeniously incorporates the flower power of the Mod years. This checked gown is adorned with yellow and white flower appliqués and a yellow chiffon stole.

A baggie Francie doll proudly models the ensemble.

1970 Barbie's Flower Wower (#1453, circa 1970) is the perfect dress for TNT PJ to wear as it perfectly matches her hair beads! Peace and love!

A Hong Kong Lilli doll goes to the park in a delicate dress of hydrangea blue and Baby's Breath lace by Liz Cole. A perfect fashion for a Springtime wedding or just to wear on a Sunday. Lilli's bulldog keeps the paparazzo at bay. Jewelry by Joy Jarred.

Flowers? Yes, flowers. A beautiful print of flowers! An enveloping coat of blooms for a day in the city. Oona, Gene Marshall's friend, models the design by James Bogue.

The day of shopping transforms as evening falls. Underneath the cape, there lies a seductive cocktail dress.

Mr. Bogue accessorized the ensemble with a turban. Jewelry by VJT Designs. 

American Character's 29-inch Betsy McCall also joins the fun in a burst-of Spring sundress created by Liz Cole with vintage fabric

To close the fashion show, Dolldom gives you JAMIEshow's Phoenix Gen Marshall by Mel Odom in pne of her iconic fashions - First Close-Up- a costume designed by Tim Kennedy for Gene's first ever movie role in which she plays a flower vendor in a posh Hollywood watering hole.


  1. Always doing a great art job!
    It's often a pleasure to see your pictures Ernesto!
    Congrats Once Again!!
    Hugs From Jorge.